No home cook


I’ve decided to pack up my things and head out on an adventure! I’ll be cooking and making art around the globe; knitting in the jungle…again. The first test trip and really more of a holiday will be to Singapore and Indonesia in July, then back to my home base in Sydney to get my life in order before heading off to beautiful Malaysia where I will complete a residency at Rimbun Dahan. I’ll be documenting my adventures on my Instagram food diary as well the No Home Cook YouTube channel. Expect to see videos popping up in late September.

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I’m building a list of all my gear, here are some affiliate links to a few highlights:


Kai Shun Chefs Knife Set

I couldn’t bear to sell my knives so they’re coming with me! #FunAtCustoms

Similar knives available via the link below.



Who doesn’t travel with vegemite?

Photo by Tom Polo


AeroPress Coffee Maker

My Aeropress is coming with me for sure.

How do you take your coffee? Very seriously