After a HUGE year of exhibitions, media, retreats and events I decided to take a bit of a sabbatical, I thought I’d drop in and leave a little hint of the direction my work will be heading in the coming months. The concepts are solid, however there was some artistic play before my break and I’m sure that will continue when I return to the studio. I’m enjoying the uncertainty of not knowing how the final piece/s will look and delight in the freedom after the rigidity of the last 10 years making Self Portrait; Artist’s Brain.

Petri Dish Fun

Petri Dish Fun

The brain-mind conundrum has long been the subject of debate and speculation amongst scientists and philosophers. In recent times, however, a new player has been unmasked, the enteric nervous system in our gut; nicknamed ‘the second brain’ an often-overlooked intricate network of some 100 million neurons and a rich microbiota. The systems of the brain/gut axis have a bidirectional relationship influencing health, mood and behaviour.

Householders share a rich array of their microbiome with each other. There are dynamic interactions between us and our housemates and even our pets. A shared internal ecosystem.

This installation draws inspiration from this complex exchange; exploring the unexpected and unintended intimacy between cohabitants.